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Tree Removal

Dangers of Russian Olive Tree in Colorado Springs

When to Remove a Russian Olive Tree

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The Insights of Why And When To Remove A Russian Olive Tree

Russian Olives are a short, shrubby, thorn-covered tree with silver-colored leaves. They are not native to North America and were originally brought over from Germany. They are very fast-growing, which can be problematic because they crowd out other plants and disrupt waterways.

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removing trees safely

Signs That A Tree Needs To Be Removed

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Is My Tree a Property Hazard? The Things to Look at When Considering Whether to Remove a Tree.

Heavy snowstorms, windstorms, and hailstorms down trees and break branches all over the Colorado Springs area every year.

Trees that have died and trees with a compromised root system, base, or trunk are at a highly increased risk of falling or having branches break. Read More