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Professional tree trimming services can keep your trees healthy as opposed to doing it yourself. Knowledge of how a tree grows and supports itself is vital. A wrong cut can end up hurting or even killing your trees.

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Professional Tree Trimming in Colorado Springs

Top 5 reasons to Use a Professional Tree Trimming Company in Colorado Springs

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Why Hire A Professional Tree Trimming Company

Many homes in the Colorado Springs area are surrounded by beautiful pines, aspens, maples, and other large trees. Trees add a great aesthetic value to a property, but they do require quite a bit of work. Tree trimming is an important part of keeping a tree and yard healthy. While it may seem like a simple task on its surface, tree trimming is a big undertaking that requires a lot of technique to be done safely. Here are some reasons why it makes sense to hire a professional tree trimming company in Colorado Springs instead of trying to take it on yourself.

1. Safety and the Importance of Using Proper Technique and Equipment

Tree trimming is an art, and there is a lot of technique involved in doing the job well and safely. Trimming larger trees require climbing skill and knowledge in how to use a rope and harness to tie in properly to the right branches with the right knots. Larger limbs will need to be taken down with a chainsaw. A tremendous amount of experience and practice is needed in order to safely use a chainsaw while tied into a tree. Limbs need to be roped down out of the tree so that they land in the intended location, and it is important to know what kinds of cuts to make for the limb removal to go smoothly.

2. Having the Job Done Right the First Time Will Save Money in the Long Run

It happens far too often that a do-it-yourself project ends with a tree or limb landing on a vehicle, roof, or other property. It is important to know the techniques involved in bringing large limbs down safely. There is also quite a bit of technique involved in knowing which branches should be removed, and which branches should stay. If a tree is trimmed poorly it can cause damage to the health of the tree which lead to more expense to correct it down the road. Tree trimming equipment can also be quite expensive for a one-time job, even as a rental. Then there is the matter of haul away and disposal.

3. Hiring a Professional Tree Trimmer Will Save A Lot of Time

Professional tree trimmers have a lot of experience getting a job done quickly and efficiently. A tree service company will have all of the fun expensive equipment such as chainsaws and chippers to make quick work of removing branches. Figuring out how to take out branches without the right tools and experience can take a lot of time and work. And even when the job is done there is the task of cutting up the branches and loading them up into a truck to haul them away. Quite often a tree project may seem simple on the surface, but it is only after the project is underway that it becomes evident how big of a task it really is.

4. Protecting the Health of the Tree and Minimizing Impact on Your Property

Tree trimming is essential for the health of a tree. A well-trimmed tree will be able to better allocate water and other resources which will make it stronger and less likely to break in a storm. However, if too much of a tree is trimmed out, or if the cuts to take out branches are made poorly, it can backfire and cause an overall decline in the health of the tree. It is important that no more than 25% to 30 % of branches are removed. It is also important to cut the branches at the limb collar so that the tree can heal properly without becoming susceptible to disease. Professional tree trimmers have experience in the art of figuring which limbs should stay, and which should go to allow a tree to be its healthiest.

5. Tree Trimming Service in Colorado Springs is Affordable

Tree trimming in Colorado Springs is competitive and affordable. In weighing out equipment rental, disposal fees, risks to property, and personal time, hiring a professional company tends to be the most economic choice. A professional company will be fully licensed and insured which further limits liability to the homeowner in the event that a branch did land in the wrong place. Tree companies such as Precision Tree also offer free estimates so that the homeowner can look over their budget before making any decisions.

Hiring a professional tree trimming company is the safest and most efficient way to have your trees trimmed. Tree trimming can be dangerous without proper training and experience. Tree trimming equipment can be expensive to rent or buy for a once in a while use. Tree trimming in Colorado Springs is affordable and it will save you a great deal of time.

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