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Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Removal

How to Assess Storm Damage for Emergency Tree Removal

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In March of 2019 Colorado Spring’s barometric pressure dropped to record lows and the historic bomb cyclone hit. Winds hit 90 miles per hour, the airport and I-25 closed, and hundreds of thousands of homes were affected by power outages and fallen trees and limbs.  Emergency tree removal became the focus of many homeowners as damage to property from trees ranged from fallen limbs to entire trees being uprooted and landing on homes and vehicles.

While the bomb cyclone may have been a freak occurrence, extreme weather is not unusual in the Colorado front range. It is likely for a Colorado Springs homeowner to have a tree emergency point in their homeownership. Most professional tree companies offer free estimates, so it is always worth it to get a professional opinion, but these are some things to consider when assessing storm damage.

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