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Is That Tree Branch Growing Too Far Over the Roof?

By June 12, 2020August 20th, 2020Tree Trimming
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When trees branches start growing too close to a home’s roof or siding, it may be time to consider trimming the tree back. It might be time for tree branch removal!

…But, what is the proper way to go about trimming trees away from your roof?

Limbs can be removed from a tree when they grow out over a house to prevent them from falling or becoming weighed down by snow and damaging the roof. When the trimming is done correctly, the tree can remain healthy and will be able to continue to grow and thrive without causing problems to the house.

When considering tree branch removal on a large tree, it is important to keep safety in mind and consider working with a tree expert.

Tree Branch Removal to Protect the Roof

Insurance companies recommend keeping trees at least 4 feet back from the house. Generally, if tree branches are growing to close to the house they should be trimmed back. The size of the tree limb is also something to consider. A larger limb will cause much greater damage if it falls on a roof than smaller branches will.

If a tree limb or its branches are dead from poor tree health, there is a greater chance of the limb breaking and falling.

Colorado Springs and Colorado weather patterns can also impact the potential for a tree limb to cause damage to a roof. Heavy snowfalls can weigh down the tree branches and cause them to hang down on the roof. This can potentially cause damage to the shingles, particularly if there is also wind. Wind storms may snap tree limbs and can cause them to land on a roof or deck.

Tree Branches and Gutters

Trimming a tree near a roof can save a lot of time and energy when it comes to keeping gutters clean.

Roof gutters are important for directing water away from the home to protect the foundation. Leaves and other tree debris falling into the gutter are often a cause for clogged gutters, which can create a risk for water damage if they start to overflow.

If trees are growing close to the house, the home gutters need to be cleaned more often to get rid of the debris and make sure that they do not clog. Trimming a nearby tree will help keep the gutters clear and will reduce the frequency of needed gutter cleanings.

Tree Trimming for Solar Panels

With 300 days of sunshine in Colorado a year, solar energy is a great way to power a home.

Solar panels are more effective when they are able to receive a higher number of peak sunlight hours. For this reason, it is common to need to trim back a few tree branches when installing solar panels. Taller, fuller trees that grow close to a home may impact the solar viability by shading a house during peak sunlight hours.

Trimming back, or in some cases, removing a tree may improve the efficiency of solar energy. How much of a trim a tree may need to improve solar energy efficiency will depend on the location and size of the tree.

When to Bring in a Tree Trimming Company

Removing a tree limb can be very dangerous, particularly if it is on a larger tree. It is important that the proper tools and techniques are used to do the job safely.

Precautions, such as using a rope and harness properly, may be needed to protect against fall risk. The tree limb and branches may also need to be roped down and lowered. Make sure that they don’t damage the house or windows on the way down.

Professional tree climbers usually have years of experience safely climbing up and roping into a tree. There is a technique to knowing where to rope up and tie into the tree.

It is important the correct knots are tied, and the proper equipment is used. A professional tree climber will often use a rope and harness to secure themselves into the tree so that they can safely remove the limb. Experience using a chain saw or pole saw while being tied into a tree is very important to be able to do the job safely.

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It is usually a good idea to remove a tree limb that is growing too far over a roof.

The removal of these tree limbs will protect the roof from tree-related storm damage. Trimming trees close to a house will help keep gutters clear from debris. It is important that these tree limbs are removed by a professional arborist so that it can be done safely.

Precision Tree has been in the tree trimming and removal business for 19 years. We offer free estimates and are always happy to answer any questions.




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  • I appreciate you pointing out how much safer it is to have a professional take care of the tree trimming project when it becomes dangerous. The large tree in my neighbor’s yard has started to shed its branches on both of our yards and we wanted to fix this before it gets any worse. Since this is a tree that may affect both our yards, we’ll have to do this seriously while taking everyone’s safety into account, so I’ll help us get a residential tree trimming service to do this for us.

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