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Pruning Services


Colorado Springs Arborist

At Precision Tree, our trained arborists know the proper fertilizing and maintenance techniques for all types of seeds, shrubs and saplings, any time of year. Our expertise ensures that your landscaping will always look its best. With regular shrub & tree pruning, your plants will grow healthier and stronger and have an improved appearance.

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Shrub & Tree Pruning Services

At Precision Tree, we provide expert tree and shrub care services to our valued Colorado Springs customers. We work with residential homeowners and commercial businesses to establish and maintain healthy, great-looking trees and shrubs through regular maintenance and pruning. Our professional arborists are committed to delivering the very highest level of tree care and provide you with honest, objective information about your landscaping.

From seasonal pruning to complete tree and stump removal, Precision Tree ensures the very best results and our customers’ total satisfaction. Our experienced arborists provide full-service residential and commercial pruning services for your home and business. We are dedicated to helping you maintain the health and vibrancy of your trees and shrubs, whether you need pruning, professional tree removal services or stump grinding.

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