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Tree Spraying & Injections

Tree Spraying Service Colorado Springs

Tree Pest & Insect Control

Bugs will destroy your property if not handled in the correct manner. If you think you have a bug or insect problem, give Precision Tree a call today. We specialize in tree pest & insect removal and will work hard to ensure your tree survives an infestation. We provide a full range of tree spraying services to the entire Colorado Springs area, including both commercial and residential properties.

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We also offer Tree Removal Services and Affordable Pricing!

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Tree Spraying Service

Insects love trees. An insect infestation could easily kill a large tree in a matter of months. If you think you have a pest problem, call a professional tree company such as Precision Tree. Our job is to do a thorough tree inspection and find what type of infestation you may have. We will also inspect your shrubs and hedges for unwanted bugs. From there, we will get any pests under control using either spray or injections. Our team of tree specialists is familiar with the best treatments for all the problematic insects and pests seen in Colorado Springs. If you need tree spraying services, give us a call today. We service both commercial and residential properties in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas such as Black Forest, Fountain and Manitou Springs.

Trunk & Soil Injection

Trunk and soil injection treatments are a highly effective way to manage tree pests, insects and disease. Injections are a great option environmentally and economically because they often only require one treatment for an entire season. Soil treatments allow the tree to absorb the protectant or insecticide through its roots. Precision Tree is experienced with this relatively new method of tree pest and insect control. Depending on the type of insect infestation your trees are experiencing, our trained tree specialists may recommend trunk or soil injections to protect your plants. Precision Tree services the entire Colorado Springs, CO area. Give us a call today for a quote on tree spraying or any of our additional tree services, including tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding.