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Bugs will destroy your property if not handled in the correct manner. If you think you have a bug or insect problem, give Precision Tree a call today. We specialize in tree bug removal and will work hard to ensure your tree survives an insect infestation. We offer our full range of tree services to the entire Colorado Springs area, including both commercial and residential properties. Give us a call today! We offer fair rates and we are all licensed and insured.

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We also offer Tree and Shrub Maintenance and Affordable Pricing!

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Tree Services

Insects love trees. An insect infestation could easily kill a large tree in a matter of months. If you think you have an insect problem, call a professional such as Precision Tree. Our job is to do a thorough tree inspection and find what type of infestation you may have. From there we will use either spray or injections to safe your tree. Our team of tree specialist know all the insects and what treatments work best. Give us a call today. We service both commercial and residential properties in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

Turf Spraying

Trees are not the only thing that might become infested with bugs. Let Precision Tree put your bugs on blast. We will also treat your shrubs and hedges to ensure your lawn is bug free. We know the importance of a healthy lawn and will work closely with you to ensure you have a landscaped and healthy outdoor area that you can be proud of. We service the entire Colorado Springs, CO area. Give us a call today for all our wonderful tree services, including tree removal, trimming, and stump grinding.