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who is responsible for the tree

Who Is Responsible for That Tree?

By Tree Trimming 4 Comments

So who is responsible for tree trimming?

Trees require a certain amount of care and upkeep to stay healthy. Tree trimming, tree removal, and general maintenance are a regular part of homeownership. Generally, a homeowner is responsible for taking care of the trees on their property.

However, some situations involve more than one party, and these might not be so black and white. The following is a brief overview of who is usually responsible for tree maintenance. As in most situations, when in doubt it is always best to speak with the other party before making any major decisions about your tree. Read More

aspen tree service colorado springs

Growing in Groups; Colorado’s Amazing Aspen Trees

By Tree Health No Comments

What is the most massive living organism on planet earth? The answer is actually not a blue whale. Or the great barrier reef.

The Humongous Fungus in Malheur National Forest in Oregon takes the record for the largest organism by an expanse of acreage, but there is still one more organism that is even larger by mass.

The answer is the Pando Aspen Grove located on the Colorado Plateau in Southern Utah. The Pando Aspen Grove is the world’s most massive living organism and is estimated to be around 80,000 years old.

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colorado springs fruit trees

3 Best Fruit Trees for Colorado Springs and How to Care for Them

By Fruit Trees One Comment

Searching for the best fruit trees for Colorado Springs to grow in your yard?

Fruit trees can do very well in the Colorado soil, particularly if they are well taken care of.  They do require a bit more work than most other trees particularly early on, but they are well worth the effort if you stick with it.

Most fruit trees generally require more work upfront in the first 10 years after they are planted, but once their roots are established, they can continue to thrive naturally without too much extra effort, such as regular tree trimming service.

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tree damage

Is That Tree Branch Growing Too Far Over the Roof?

By Tree Trimming One Comment

When trees branches start growing too close to a home’s roof or siding, it may be time to consider trimming the tree back. It might be time for tree branch removal!

…But, what is the proper way to go about trimming trees away from your roof?

Limbs can be removed from a tree when they grow out over a house to prevent them from falling or becoming weighed down by snow and damaging the roof. When the trimming is done correctly, the tree can remain healthy and will be able to continue to grow and thrive without causing problems to the house. Read More