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The City of Colorado Springs New Tree Project

By July 30, 2020December 28th, 2020Tree Health
Colorado Springs New Tree Project

The City of Colorado Springs has just announced a new goal to plant 18,071 new trees within the next two years. This project is being done in celebration of the city’s 150th anniversary.

The Colorado Springs History of Tree Planting

Colorado Springs was first officially established on July 31st, 1871 by General William Jackson Palmer. At that time, the Colorado Springs region was all plains and there were very few trees. General Palmer wanted to plan a city with an aesthetic environment. 10,000 trees were brought in and planted around the city to accomplish this goal.

The Colorado Springs 150 Tree Project

July 2021 will be Colorado Springs 150th anniversary. The city has decided to celebrate this milestone by honoring General Palmer’s dedication to beautifying the city by planting trees. The goal is to plant 18,071 new trees by 2022. Everyone in the city is invited to participate by planting new trees around their own homes. All you need to do is plant a new tree in your yard and register it with the city. Just submit your name, the property type that you are planting on, and the number of trees that you have planted.

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What Are The Best Trees To Plant In Colorado Springs?

The most important part of planting a new tree is to decide which tree will be a good fit for your yard. Trees that are native to the Colorado Springs area are a great choice because they can thrive more easily without much maintenance.

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Trees that are native to the Colorado Front Range include:

  • White fir
  • Douglas fir
  • Boxelder
  • Engelmann spruce
  • Colorado spruce
  • Ponderosa pine
  • Limber pine
  • Wasatch maple
  • Gamble oak
  • Scrub oak

Non-native trees can also thrive with proper care. Fruit trees are a popular choice because of their fragrant blossoms in the spring and fruit in the fall. A few examples of fruit trees that do well in the Colorado Spring area are apples, plums, and sour cherries. Fruit trees do best when they are mulched around the base to hold in moisture, watered periodically, and trimmed to strengthen the core limbs.

When selecting a tree, look for one that is full and green and looks healthy. If the tree leaves are yellowing or turning brown on the edges it may not be getting the right amount of water. Look for signs of insects living in the tree to make sure that you are not bringing home pests to inhabit your other trees.

Planting the New Tree

Where you plant that tree can determine its health and its ability to thrive. Pay attention to the soil and sunlight recommendations for your specific species of tree. Think healthier trees and the need for future tree removal down the road can be reduced.

A new tree needs to be planted in a location that receives the right amount of sunshine to thrive. The tree’s root system will also become much stronger and healthier when the tree is planted in good soil.

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Once you have found the perfect spot it is time to dig a spot for the tree’s root ball. Place the root ball into the ground so that the top of the roots is just above the surface with about an inch of the visible root flare. Be sure to call 811 before you dig to make sure there are no hidden utility lines.

Watering, Tree Trimming, and Other Tree Care Considerations

A newer tree will need a little bit more care than an older tree while its root system is becoming established. A new tree will need to be watered about every three to five days during its first growing season. Water once a month during the tree’s dormant season in the winter, but make sure that the temperature is above 40 degrees so that the roots do not freeze.

Watering around the base of the tree at a slow trickle is ideal. It is equally important not to over-water the tree. For most new trees 25 minutes should be enough, but this will depend some upon the size of the tree. If it is a larger transplant, water it just a little bit longer.

tree trimmers colorado springs, colorado

A tree may need more or less water depending upon weather, heat, and drought conditions.

Tree trimming is very beneficial to tree health, and for a younger tree, it can help train it and direct the growth. However, the first year after a new tree is planted, only dead and broken limbs should be pruned out of the tree while it becomes established.

Once a tree has been growing for a couple of years, it will benefit the tree to prune it. Precision Tree and Turf can handle everything from tree health, pruning, trimming, and removal to maintain a beautiful yard and keeping your existing trees healthy.


Colorado Springs residents are invited to participate in the city’s anniversary COS 150 challenge to plant 18,071 new trees. Native trees will grow easily without too much maintenance, but non-native species of trees can also thrive with the proper care.

Selecting the right location with the proper amount of sunlight will help the new tree thrive. When a tree is first planted its roots must become established, so providing it with additional water will help it start out healthy.

Contact the arborists at Precision Tree Care today for all of your Colorado Springs and surrounding city tree service and care. We love trees!

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